[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]”Build Your OWN Online, Profit-Pumping Publishing Empire Using the Latest, Market-Exploding Product Creation Technologies!”[/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#000000″]By Following My Proven Blueprints for Maximizing YOUR Content Profits in the World’s Most Rabid Online Marketplaces![/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

If you speak with ANY online marketing leader, business coach or guru worth their keep, they will ALL tell you that the real SECRET to profiting online is to have your own products. The problem is that you can’t just create any old information product, toss it up online and make a kajillion dollars with it. Those days are LONG GONE! Today’s internet consumer is smart and tech-savy. They quickly see through the BS often slung around online and chose to stick with proven, tried-and-true information products sold by reliable sales icons, like Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Nobel and others. What can be even MORE challenging to Information Publishers (which is what we really are, BTW), is the fact that these online 800lb. gorillas are cracking down on crappy, poorly produced information products and banning accounts…YIKES! So if you aren’t quite sure of the latest rules and how to use the most current technologies for creating and producing successful (and profitable) information products, you’re pretty much screwed!

Unless you are actively engaged in creating quality Information Products using the most up-to-date, current publishing opportunities available to you RIGHT NOW, the Information Product world as you know it will continue to blast forward while you sit in the dust wondering what the heck happened? By the time you even begin to figure things out on your own, the technology and selling gaps will be so HUGE, it will take a Herculean effort JUST to get back in the game, if you’ll even be able to at all!

If we can learn ANYTHING from History, it’s this one KEY secret…

For millennia, inventors, scientists, engineers and architects have followed proven methodologies for producing reliable results. We often refer to these “plans” as BLUEPRINTS. From the “Ark of the Covenant” and “Noah’s Ark” to Galileo’s Flying Machine and the construction of the Great Pyramids, BLUEPRINTS establish foundational product creation standards and guidelines for ONE purpose:

To Achieve Predictable, Reproducible Results to Exact Standards!

Read the line above again because it’s the key to your success! Your goal in creating ANY type of product, INCLUDING Information Products, is to achieve predictable, reproducible results to exact standards. Blueprints provide the foundation for achieving those results, and then systems make it a reality! Unfortunately, most Internet Marketing products today provide you with anything BUT reproducible results. That’s where “Media Product Blueprints” is different!

With the massive, positive response I received from my “Public Domain Blueprints” video series, I realized that the NEXT logical step was to apply that SAME methodology to Media Product Creation. Of course, I also love to ramp things up and make product creation strategies even EASIER to follow and use. Building on Step-by-Step approach of “Public Domain Blueprint,” and borrowing from the ideas of many of History’s greatest Product Creation Masters, I have GREAT news for you…

“I am going to hand you the BLUEPRINTS to create PROFITABLE Information Products using today’s LATEST technologies…


[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]”Media Product Blueprint”[/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

“Media Product Blueprint” reveals the exact blueprints you need for maximizing your product creation success in some of the most profitable and explosive markets today, like Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, Mobile Apps, Webinars and More! Each content-rich, step-by-step webinar will feature laser-focused, profit-producing insights and strategies for creating products in each of the SIX hottest publishing platforms available today! Plus, as an added bonus, I am also including an in-depth training focused on the latest Niche Research and Niche Development strategies!

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In this 8-module Video Training Series, you will discover:

Module #1: Course Introduction and Overview

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  • Introduction to the course
  • Which product creation techniques work and which don’t
  • Why you need to pay attention to the new publishing trends 
  • Overcoming the fear of new technology
  • Overview to building your OWN successful “publishing” business
  • And much more!


Module #2: Niche Research Blueprint

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  • Why “avoiding” Google for niche research is smart
  • Stealth research strategies where people tell you what they want
  • What a “Niche Portfolio” is and why you need one
  • How to discover “Buyers” and not just “Browsers:
  • How “Secret Knowledge” can explode your profitability
  • And much more!


Module #3: Kindle Publishing Blueprint

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  • Why you MUST be publishing to Kindle
  • How to avoid the infamous Amazon Slap
  • Step-by-Step formatting tricks
  • The best types of books to publish on Kindle
  • Smart profit strategies for Kindle and other “readers”
  • And much more!


Module #4: iBooks Author Blueprint

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  • Why you need to consider Apple’s new publishing platform
  • Repurposing your existing content in new ways
  • Design tricks for making your interactive books look stunning
  • Everything you need to know to publish with Apple’s blessing
  • Importing presentations, videos, galleries and more
  • And much more!


Module #5: Print Publishing Blueprint

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  • The top benefits of including Print Publishing in your product creation funnel
  • Why self-publishing is a game-changer, but ONLY if you do it the right way
  • How to format your books like a pro while saving thousands of dollars in design costs
  • Create a professional-looking cover in 10 minutes or less
  • The 5 things you MUST include in every print book you publish
  • And much more!


Module #6: Presentation/Webinar Blueprint

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  • Presentation creation tricks to maximize your content
  • The 4 most profitable webinar strategies and how to use them to cash in
  • Free and low-cost webinar services that make GoToWebinar and WebEx obsolete
  • Workflow strategies to ensure your webinars run and record smoothly
  • What to do with your video content AFTER it’s created
  • And much more!


Module #7: Mobile Apps Blueprint

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  • Why you can no longer ignore the App market
  • Create your first app for free…I’ll show you how
  • Important market research you must do to increase your app’s success
  • Design and layout tricks ANYONE can use to create great-looking apps
  • How to get your app in Apple’s App Store, the Android Marketplace and more
  • And much more!


Module #8: WordPress Blueprint

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  • How WordPress transformed the Information Product industry
  • Essential plugins you MUST include in every WordPress installation
  • The best themes to use for your online Publishing Business
  • Add-on tools for membership sites, list-building, product sales and more
  • Simple design tricks to make your WordPress site look amazing
  • And much more!



To maximize your training experience with “Media Product Blueprint,” you can expect:

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  • Content-Rich, LIVE Step-by-Step training of targeted product creation methods
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about the specific content discussed in each module
  • Online Video Access and Downloads for ALL 8 Modules
  • PDFs of Powerpoint slides from each Module
  • BONUS: Media Product Blueprint Worksheets and Checklists for each of the product methods
  • Private Members Facebook Group to ask questions and interact with other members


Here are just a FEW of the comments I’ve received about my past training series:

[testimonial1_arial author=”Deborah”]“There have been many people that I have worked with through the last 10 years that have great products and programs. They have all fallen by the wayside. You are one of a handfull of professionals that constantly provide great information, super packages of training and always there to over-deliver. Most important…you are a nice guy, can be trusted and always there to offer your guidence and assistance.”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Todd”]“Tony I appreciate the detail because this is high quality teaching that others are selling for $3,500 – so thank you!”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Greg”]“Killer webinar Tony. I’m excited and beginning to think i may actually be able to do this. thanks.”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”James”]“You’ve outdone yourself Tony and over-delivered once again. One of the few, and getting fewer, people I place my trust in to give the straight scoop and actionable steps.”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Barb”]“I have learned SO MUCH already! Thank you very much Tony :)”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Cindi”]“You always share the kinds of things that other people don’t pay attention to. I appreciate that about you.”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Tony”]“I just got to watch the replay now and I have to concur with the other attendees, it was great and as usual, an extremely informative webinar.”[/testimonial1_arial]

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If you have followed me for any length of time at all, you know that I know how to deliver the goods when I teach in a very straightforward, step-by-step, actionable way. I have a huge reputation for over-delievering, and this series is no different. By investing in this brand-new course being taught LIVE (wait until you see the price), you are, in effect, gaining access to 8 focused, interactive webinar trainings that could each stand alone as a complete “here’s how to do it” course.

In the past, I wouldn’t have hesitated to offer a comprehensive training course like this at an introductory price point of $97 or higher. But it’s a new year with new opportunities and the truth is that I want the maximum number of people possible to gain access to this comprehensive, profit-producing training without having the pay a HUGE price tag. You deserve the BEST training possible on the latest technologies and strategies for an investment that will be a no-brainer decision.  That’s why I am offering full access to the LIVE Webinars Modules, the Module Recordings, the Blueprint Worksheets and Checklists, the Slides and ALL the added BONUSES (you know I’ll be adding secret bonuses, right?) for just $67 (for the next 5 days!)

Media Product Blueprint will be taught LIVE, beginning Thursday, February 16th at 7PM EST. Every session WILL be recorded, so you will have access to all the training, including the video downloads!

[headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]Just $197 $97 $67![/headline_tahoma_extra_large_centered]

(for the next 5 days…the price increases February 28th!)

Gain Instant Access TODAY by Clicking the Registration Button Below!

You will gain immediate access to ALL 8 “Media Product Blueprint” Course LIVE Webinars, the Bonuses, the private Facebook Group and the Blueprint Worksheets and Checklists!


Get Your Access Now…

  • Content-Rich, LIVE Step-by-Step training of targeted product creation methods
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about the specific content discussed in each module
  • Online Video Access and Downloads for ALL 8 Modules
  • PDFs of Powerpoint slides from each Module
  • BONUS: Media Product Blueprint Worksheets and Checklists for each of the product methods
  • Private Members Facebook Group to ask questions and interact with other members

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